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The Twelfth Imam Mahdi a.s. (Hz. Muhammad al-Mahdi a.s.) --- Introduction of Imam a.s.


1.         The Imam considers them his rightly guided brothers who fight in way of Allah and serve Islam.

2.   The Imam remains in touch with his followers, but whatever he does has to be with Allah's permission.

3.  The Imam keeps away from the tyrant and is near to his devotee.

4.   The ills of the Ummah result from the hypocrites and those who profess only to lip service.  They arc the ones who have forsaken the Kingdom of Allah, and abandoned the Path of Righteousness.

5 . The Imam keeps his watch over the Ummah, for if he did not do so, the tyranny would have overtaken it and wiped it out of existence.                                                  

6. Dissimulation is useful for self-preservation, but should not be a deterrent for the preservation and propagation of the Faith. 7. The rulers of Iraq would be the cause of faithlessness and limitation of the provisions of Allah.

8.   Only with the grace of Allah, the tyranny would end in Iraq and bring peace and plenty to the believers.

9.   The difficulties for performing Hajj would be eliminated, and the Imam would provide assistance and guidance for it.   

10. It is incumbent on the believers to obey the ordinances of Islam to gain nearness and pleasure of the Imam. 

Some of these ordinances are:

-performance of the ritual obligations,

-adherence to acts of the Faith,

-act to prevent defamation of the Faith,

-be truthful by word and action,

-not to evade one's commitment,

-not to sell one's conscience, and prevent a split in the unity,

-harm not one's benefactor, and

-always remember that we are accountable for all our deeds.