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The Second Imam Hazrat Hasan a.s. (Hz. Hasan ibn. Ali a.s.) --- Life during time of Rasool s.a.w.w. and Imam Ali a.s.

during time of Rasool s.a.w.w.
             The Holy Prophet was very happy when he heard the news of the birth of his grandson.  He came to the house of Ali and his beloved daughter Fatima and named the child Hasan.  He had the good fortune to be loved and nurtured personally by the Messenger of Islam for seven years before his death.  He often carried his grand child on his shoulders.

        As a youth, he witnessed the conflict between kufr (paganism, polytheism) and Islam.  He saw his father, Imam Ali being victorious and playing the key role in many important battles with the non-believers.  This was also the glorious time of Islam with the inception of the Muslim community in Madinah under the Holy Prophet himself, and the rapid expansion of the message of Islam throughout the Arabian peninsula.

        Hasan was one of the five members of the Ahle Bait.  It was in 9 AH when the Prophet of Islam took him along as one of the five who went out to face the challenge of the grand cardinals of Najran on the occasion of Mubahala, and witnessed the triumph of the Truth over Falsehood.



             As a growing youth, Hasan saw the active role of his father, Imam Ali, in the battlefield defending Islam, as a preacher to a vast congregation of believers on the occasion of Haj, and as a missionary of Islam to Yemen.  After the death of his grandfather, the Prophet, he saw his father having retreated to a passive role in the matters of the state during the period of the first three caliphs.  However, whenever he saw it necessary, Imam Ali never refrained from giving his opinion to the caliph of the time on matters of the practice of faith.  He had also seen that the caliphs, in turn, respected Imam Ali for his overall knowledge, and consulted him on many occasions as the need arose.

        When the third caliph was murdered by a mob of agitated demonstrators in his palace in Mad'mah, and Imam Ali was elected to lead the Muslim nation, Imam Hasan took active part in assisting his father in many ways.  He went to Kufa and successfully raised the first army of believers against the dissenting Muslims.  He participated actively in the battlefields of Basra, Siffeen and Nahrawan alongside his father, and demonstrated his skills as a soldier and as a leader.

        Before he died, Imam Ali appointed Hasan to lead the nation of believers and to be their Imam after him.  The people also chose him to be their Caliph.