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The Second Imam Hazrat Hasan a.s. (Hz. Hasan ibn. Ali a.s.) --- The Different Aspects

                            REFLECTIONS ON THE LIFE OF IMAM HASAN 
            Imam Hasan lived a life of piety mirroring the teachings of the Quran and the Sunna of the Prophet.  The ten years he spent in Madinah under the oppressive rule of Muawiyah and his appointed governors, only revealed his tolerance and forbearance towards the abuse.  Some followers felt that the Imam should have retaliated against Muawiyah when he ignored the terms and conditions of the Treaty, oppressed them slung verbal abuses at them.  But the Imam only pointed to the conduct of his father before him, who had endured similar circumstances without armed retaliation.  He told his followers that he did not retaliate against the oppressor because the abuses that were being thrown at him were against his person and not against Islam. 

            From the time of the assassination of the third caliph and the events surrounding Imam Ali's rule, the Ahle Bait had again come into focus.  Many dignitaries and new Muslims from far off places sought audience with the Imam in Madinah.  They came to learn interpretations of the Quran, the teachings of Islam, and expounded the seera (the conduct of personal life) of the Prophet of Islam.

                        Imam Hasan adopted a unique method of teaching and preaching Islam.  Even during the life of Imam Ali, the Table of Hasan was well known.  Now with the increased visibility, the number of attendants had increased many folds.  To accommodate them, he used to lay an extensive table for all his guests.  While at the table, and with ample food in front of them the people sat down in peace and relative comfort to eat and listen.  Thus, they were able to benefit from his teachings, and he was able to answer their questions.