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The Twelfth Imam Mahdi a.s. (Hz. Muhammad al-Mahdi a.s.) --- The Return of Imam a.s.



From the early days of Islam, there had been in circulation, a popular belief that al-Mahdi (as) (the rightly guided Imam) will make his appearance, (a Second Coming), towards the end of the era of human life on earth and will fill the world with justice.  Although there is no specific reference in al-Qur’an on the word Mahdi (guided), there are many references to "imam of guidance" who would lead the believers to their salvation.  This belief is further authenticated with ahadith quoted from the Prophet.  He is reported to have said, "If no more than one day remained (on earth), Allah would lengthen it until He sent a man of mine (my Ahle Bait) whose name will be like mine, and whose father's name will be like my father's name." There are numerous traditions that form the basis this belief.  This Mahdi is to be identified as the Qaim al-Muhammad, the Tweylh Imam from the Ahle Bait.  He is presently in his Ghaibat ul-Kubra and is the awaited one.  He will make his appearance only when it is Willed by Allah.

It is quoted from the Sixth Imam (Ja'far as-Sadiq (as)) that the awaited Mahdi (as) will make his appearance in the holy mosque in Makkah on a Saturday between Rukn and Maqaam.  This date will coincide with the tenth of Muharram.  He will then move to Kufa and send his forces to other directions to spread the Truth.  He will uphold justice and Islam would be the preferred religion of all human beings on earth.  He will lead the Ummah toward the path of piety and purity.

As to when the Mahdi (as) will make his appearance, it is said that a tyrant called Dajal (one who does everything in contrariety) would be ruling the world with tyranny, terror and injustice.  Isa (Jesus), the son of Mary, will also have made his appearance, and together with the Mahdi (as), the Dajal will be defeated and killed.  The Mahdi will be the Imam of the congregation.  Isa will pray behind the Mahdi.