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The Eighth Imam Ali Raza a.s. (Hz. Ali ibn Musa a.s.) --- The Sayings of Imam a.s.

Selected Sayings: 

1.  One who compares Allah with one of His creations, is a polytheist.  One who relates to Allah with something he has been forbidden to do, is a kafir (a non-believer).

2. Knowledge, forbearance and less talk are the qualities of a pious practitioner of the Faith.

3.  Man's best friend is intelligence, and ignorance is his enemy.

4.  The believer is closer to Allah when he throws himself down in prostration before Him.

5.  One who gives in the name of Allah, earns His nearness, His rewards and away from an abode in hell.  The miser is distant from people and Allah, but closer to an abode in hell.

6.  Charitable giving is like a tree planted in paradise and whose branches are in the world.  One who gives charity clings to the branches and is carried to the fulfillment of the ultimate prize of paradise.

7.  A Momin is that person who derives pleasure when he does a   good deed, and repents with sincerity when he commits an error.A  Muslim is that person from whose hands and tongue the other Muslims do not get hurt. 

8.  Belief has four components:

(i)     Dependence on Allah;

(ii)     Acceptance of the Acts of Allah;

(iii)     Submission to His Will;

(iv)     Reliance on Allah's help in his deeds.

 9.  One who is not thankful to his provider in this world, cannot be thankful to Allah.

10. Allah has ordained three sets of duties to be performed together:

(i)  Pay the poor tax as you offer prayers;

(ii)    Thank your parents as you thank Allah;

(iii) Fear Allah and do good to your own kin.