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The Ninth Imam Mohammad Taqi a.s. (Hz. Muhammad ibn. Ali a.s.) --- The Introduction of Imam a.s.

The Ninth Imam: Muhammad ibne Ali (AS)

Name:     Muhammad

Title:     at-Taqi (also Jawad)

Epithet:     Abu Ja'far

Father:     Ali ibne Musa

Mother:     Khaizran (also Sabikah Nubia)

Date of Birth:     Rajab 10, 195 AH (April 8, 81 1 AD)

Place of Birth:     Madinah

Progeny:     From Umm ul-Fadhl binte Mamoon ar-Rashid


                   From Summana Khatoon

                   Two sons: Ali, Musa

                   Two daughters: Fatirna, Amama

 Date of Death: Zi Qa'd 29, 220AH  ( November 25, 835AD )

                      He lived for only 24 years

Place of Death:      Kazimain

Place of Burial:     Kazimain