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The Tenth Imam Aliun Naqi a.s. (Hz. Ali ibne Muhammad a.s.) --- Sayings of Imam a.s.

Selected Quotes:

1.             Once he told his devotees, "Take good care of gifts of the Lord and thank Him for having given them to you.  Remember that the self always turn, towards gratification, and defied deterrents.  Seek to subdue its desire for vain things."

2.             He told his companion Fateh bin Yazid Jarjani, "Strive to obey Allah in all His commandments, turn to the life of the Prophet and seek Allah's help to follow it, and seek those in whom He vested the authority to interpret the Qur'an and the Islamic law."

3.             He told his companions, "Remember that day when you separate from your loved ones for ever, when no physician can keep you back, and no friend can benefit you."

4.      He told Caliph al-Mutwakil:

-"Do not expect devout obedience from someone whom you had   treated with contempt.

- Do not expect loyalty from one who you had betrayed.

- Do not expect good advice from one whom you had treated with mistrust.  His feelings for you are not any better than yours for him."

Selected Sayings:

1.             One who is pleased with his self, has more of those who would not be pleased with him.

2.             The one who is contented, has only one problem to face, but the one who bemoans, has many more problems.

3 .         Backbiting is the humor of the idiot, and the art of the ignorant.

4.          Keeping awake enhances the sweetness of sleep, just as hunger enhances the taste of food.

5 .        The world is with wealth but the hereafter only with deeds.

6.         Avoid jealousy, for it reveals your action, but none of your opponents.

7.        The worst affliction is ill manners.

8.         Ignorance and meanness are worst conduct.

9.         The world is like a market where one group benefits while the other loses.

10.         Keeping bad company shows your own flaw.

II.            Morphic beauty is only of the exterior, but wisdom is beauty of the interior.

12.          One who seeks fast motion is slave of his desires, the idiot is slave of his tongue.