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The Third Imam Hazrat Imam Husain a.s. (Hz. Husain ibn. Ali a.s.) --- His Life During Times of Rasool s.a.w.w., Imam Ali a.s. and Imam Hasan a.s.

During Times of Rasool s.a.w.w.

The birth of second grandchild made the Prophet very happy. He came to the house of Imam All and his beloved daughter Fatima and named the newborn Husain.

It is quoted by many narrators that the Prophet often used to carry his two grandsons on his shoulders.  When people remarked on how much he loved his grandsons, he used to say, "Hasan and Husain are the two princes of the youth of paradise." People also quote from him as praying to Allah by saying "O Allah, befriend those who befriend them and be the foe to whoever designs to hurt them."

Regarding Imam Husain, it is quoted from him saying, "Husain is from me and I am from Husain." It can only be inferred that this was the utterance of no ordinary man, out of love with the progeny of his daughter, but that of the Prophet of Islam about whom Allah says "Nor does he speak out of desire.  It is naught but revelation that is revealed...... 111:3.

For about six years, his grandfather, the Prophet of Islam, nurtured Husain just as his father had done before him.  He was one of the five included in the Qur'anic verse of Tat-heer.  He was the youngest of the representatives the Prophet of Islam took with him at the Mubahala with the Christians of Najran.  The significance of this nurture and representation must not be underestimated.  When the time came, he laid down his life and the lives of his family members, as well as his friends to defend the Message of Islam.



After the death of his grandfather, Imam Husain grew up during the times of the first dm caliphs and saw the way his father, hnam Ali, conducted his affairs.  When he was elected the Caliph to succeed Uthman, Husain actively participated in all assignments given to him by his father, whether in the mosque or in the battlefield.

Imam Husain manifested the acme of obedience towards Imam Hasan during his brief caliphate, and helped him actively on whatever was required of him.  He concurred with him in the matter of the truce with Muawiyah.  He never raised his voice in the presence of Imam Hasan, and would not intedect him when he was preaching or was replying to questions.

When Imam Hasan was dying from poison, given to him according to Muawiyah's plot, he called his brother Husain to his bedside and passed the leadership of the faithful to him.  Muawiyah, who had taken his Treaty with Imam Hasan lightly, and had ignored it, made another violation, and a fateful one which was to change for ever the course of Muslim history, Muslim Ummah in the future.  In total disregard of his explicit understanding with Imam Hasan that he (Muawiyah) was not to appoint his successor, he decided arbitrarily to appoint his son Yazid to succeed him as the ruler of the Muslim world.  Yazid was known for his open display of a vicious life.  Even though some of his courtiers had cautioned Muawlyah against it, he started the campaign to recruit fealty for his son Yazid from all tribal chiefs and the prominent companions of the Prophet who were alive at the time.  The Hashimite clan, led by Imam Husain refused to give their pledge of fealty to Yazid.

Muawiyah lived for ten more years after the martyrdom of Imam Hasan, but the Hashimite clan was not forced into submission or subjugation.  However, the verbal abuse and other tactics used to reduce their influence continued.  Imam Husain continued his mission of peace and religious education to all those who sought it from him.