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The Third Imam Hazrat Imam Husain a.s. (Hz. Husain ibn. Ali a.s.) --- Different Aspects of his life


          The Imam had witnessed the life and the conduct of his father and his elder brother, the two preceding Imams, and was now the third in the series himself He had participated actively in the field to fight against falsehood under Imam Ali, and by peaceful means under Imam Hasan.  During his own time, he had to take drastic steps in the form of martyrdom to preserve the dignity of the Faith and the Truth.  He, for all times, settled who the rightful custodians of Islam were and who the usurpers were.  He, more than amply, paid back the Umayyad clan with the precious Hashimite blood from the progeny of Ali ibne Abi Talib, the champion of Isl@ the victor of all battles led by the Prophet against the infidel clans of Quraish and other tribes of the Arabs.  After Karbala, no ruler in Islam could ever claim to be the spiritual Imam of the Muslim Ummah.

Imam Husain set the criteria of faith, piety and sacrifice for all times.  He made the struggle for human dignity as top priority against forces of tyranny and oppression.  With the blood of his sacrifice, he gave life to Islam.  He re-introduced the spirit of true Islam into the Muslims of his time as well as for all times to come.

While he was in Madinah, he lived a life of piety and remained totally involved with the lives of people around him.  He answered their questions, interpreted the meanings of Qur'an and educated them in their daily lives.

Once a man said to the Imam that being a fallible human, he was unable to avoid sin.  He wanted the Imam to guide him so that he could be reformed.  The Imam said to him, "A person would commit sin if he could: avoid benefiting from the benevolence of Allah, escape from the Kingdom of Allah, or from His Grasp, go to a place where Allah cannot see him, control his death and destiny, and avoid the infemo of hell on tjie Day of Judgement!"

Once he told his followers, "Consider this life as your total wealth.  As you spend it, this wealth continues to diminish.  You should ponder on what you have acquired as you spend this wealth.  So be alert.  Do not lose it in any further transaction!"

 Once he said, "People are grossly indulged in the worldly matters, and only pay lip service to matters of faidi.  When faced with the test of their faidi, the adherents to the Truth are but a few."