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The Ninth Imam Mohammad Taqi a.s. (Hz. Muhammad ibn. Ali a.s.) --- The Aspects and sayings of Imam a.s.


The Imam was deprived the patronage of his father at a tender age of five, and when he learnt of his martyrdom he was only eight years of age.  He was the youngest Imam who was also killed at the youngest age compared with the others.  He was only twenty-five years when he was killed by poisoning.

As detailed above, the Imam, at a very young age demonstrated unusual courage, knowledge and presence of mind in the circle of his aristocratic adversaries in the court of Marnoon ar-Rashid.  In addition to the constant pressures from the government, he had a considerable trouble at home from his wife, the Abbasid princess.  Despite these difficulties, the Imam made his lasting impression with examples of exceptional tolerance, superior conduct, and advice to his followers and many sagacious sayings.

Selected Quotes:

1.    Bolster your conduct with forbearance, be content during deprivation, refrain    from lust, and antagonize temptation.  Remember that you are neither far nor hidden from your Lord.

2.    Refrain from friendship of the mischievous, for his likeness is that of a sharp dagger: beautiful to behold but deadly in action.

3 .   Do not show animosity to someone until you have assessed his, relationship with the Lord, for if the person is good, the Lord will not hand him over to you; and if he is bad, then suffice it for him that you do not be his enemy.

 4.   Make early an amendment of a matter before it deteriorates, for then you would repent.  Beware, lest years add to your life and your heart hardens.

 5 .  Do not pretend to be a friend of the Lord in the open while you have doubts about Him in your heart.

 6.   Be thankful to the Lord for what He has granted you, lest you desire for something that would drag you towards temptation.

 7.   Do not delay in repentance, for the delay in doing so is equivalent to defiance.

Offering excuses to justify a bad deed would make you lose fear of the Lord and invoke His anger.

 Selected Sayings:

 1.  Dependence on the Gracious Lord is the true value in all the precious things and in all heights of achievement.

 2.  The respect of a believer is in his independence from others.

 3.  All believers need three things:

(i)      Help from the Lord;

(ii)     Awakened conscience;

(iii)    Ability to listen to good advice given by others.

 4.  Obedience and remembrance of the Lord from the depths of your heart is superior to the toils of rituals.

 5.  How can that (thing) go waste whose guarantor is the Lord, and how can that (person) escape who is sought by the Lord.  One who sells himself to other (deity) than the Lord, the Lord relinquishes that to his chosen deity.

 6.  One who falls for his desires, fulfills the alms of his sworn enemy (Satan), and cannot escape from wrongdoing.

 7.  One who takes an action without prior knowledge, could do more damage than good.

 8.  The tyranny of the rulers forestalls their downfall.

 9.  When the hour (i.e. death) comes, the environs tend to shrink.

 10. There is no additional danger in the anger of the tyrant.