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The Second Imam Hazrat Hasan a.s. (Hz. Hasan ibn. Ali a.s.) --- The Peace Treaty

"Handing over authority to Muawiyah provided that he should act according to the Book of Allah, the Sunnah of His Apostle, and the Sira (the conduct of life) of the righteous Caliphs."
"The authority should be for al-Hasan after him (Muawiyah).If an accident happened to him (al-Hasan), the authority should be for his brother al-Husain.  Muawiyah has no right to entrust anybody (else) to it."
"He (Muawlyah) should abandon cursing the Commander of the faithful (Ali) as well as the practice of using personal prayer (Qunut) against him (al-Hasan) in Salat (the prescribed ritual prayers), and that he should not mention the name of All except in good manner." 4 "He (Muawiyah) should keep excluded what is 'in the treasury of Kufa, that is five million (dirhwns).  So, handing over the authority does not include it (the sum of this money).  Muawiyah should send al-Hasan one million dirham per year, he should prefer banu Hashirn in giving and gifts to banu Abd ash-Shams, and should divide one million (dirham) among the sons of those who were killed helping the Commander of the faithful (Ali) in the Battle of the Camel and the Battle of Siffin and should spend that from the taxes of Dar Abjard."
5. "The people should be safe wherever they are in the earth of Allah; in Sham (Syria), Iraq, Hijaz, Yemen, etc.  He should give security to the black and the red alike.  He (Muawiyah) should bear their slips, should not follow some of them for the bygone, nor should he punish the Iraqis foe hostility."

"The companions of Ali should be given security wherever they are; that he (Muawiyah) should not expose them to any evil; that they should be given security over their lives, their properties and women and children; and that he should give them their rights.

"He (Muawiyah) should not seek a calamity secretly or openly for al­Hasan or his brother al-Husain, nor for anyone from the progeny of Ahle Bait of the'Apostle of Allah, nor should he frighten them in any country or territories." 

                        Many historians have related that the text of this Peace Treaty was conveyed to Muawiyah who read this in his court, and made a covenant with Allah to fulfil the conditions stipulated by Imam Hasan.  It was not long after this event that Muawiyah went back from his part of the covenant with Allah and put the Peace Treaty aside.  He took pleasure in demeaning the Imam just as he had been doing to his father.  The Imam decided to leave Kufa and return to Madinah.

    Marwan bin al-Hakam, who was the personal secretary to the third caliph, and had fought against Imam Ali during the Battle of Camel, was now the governor of Madinah under Muawiyah.  He took personal pleasure in discharging Muawiyah's wishes to slur the reputation of the Imam and his father.  Needless to say that the Imam's life in Madinah after the treaty of peace was not peaceful at all.  In addition to the relentless taunts and abuse slung at him by Muawiyah, the Imam had to endure the anger of his supporters for having relinquished the Caliphate to the life long enemy of himself and that of his father before him.  They had failed to appreciate that Imam Hasan had given up his right in the larger interests of Islam, and to avoid further bloodshed of the Muslims.  The Imam continued to deal with the abuse with patience and forbearance, and continued to uphold the Truth.