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First Imam Hazrat Ali a.s. (Hz. Ali ibn. Abi Talib a.s.) ---Ahadis of Rasool --(1st part)

          On Relationship of Imam Ali with the Prophet (pbuh)

      "I am to you like Musa (Moses) was to Harun (Aaron) except that there shall be no prophet after me".

           "O Allah!  Befriend those who befriend Ali, be enemy to those who exhibit animosity towards All."

            "O Ali!  You are the foremost among the believers.  You are the wisest and the most faithful in honoring a pledge.  You are the best in giving justice.  You are the kindest of the Muslim ummah.  You are the most patient in adversity.  You are my right arm.  You will wash by body, and you will give me burial ' On the Day of Judgment, you will carry the banner of Islam, and you will drive away the unworthy from Hawdhe Kawthar  (the Pond)."  "Whoever parts company with Ali parts company with me; whoever parts company with me parts company with Allah."


            On the Person of Ali:

            ..... that looking at the face of Ali is an act of devotion" and

            .....that zikre Ali (elaborating the deeds and acts of Ali) is devotion."

             "The fist (measure) of Ali and my fist are equal."

             On Knowledge:

        "I am the City of all Knowledge, and Ali is the gate (door) of that City.          Whoever wishes to enter that city should come through its gate."

             On Judgment:

             "Ali is the best of judges among you."

            On Faith:

            "Ali is total Faith...

            On Truth:

                     "Ali is with the Truth, and the Truth is with Ali."

             On Bravery:

            "Ali is the fearless Lion of Allah."

             "Ali is the Hand of Allah."

              "Ali is always victorious.  He never turns his back to the enemy."

             On Piety:

             " Ali is the Imam (leader) of the pious,"

            "No one ever acquired such excellence as Ali. He leads his friends to the Right Path, and prevents them from going astray."

             During the life of the Prophet himself, many of his companions also attested to the knowledge, valor, judgments, generosity, piety and faith of Ali; and to his unparalleled greatness.