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The Seventh Imam Musa Kazim a.s. (Hz. Musa ibn. Jafar a.s.) --- The Sayings of Imam a.s.

Selected Sayings:

1.  The status of your understanding can be judged from four things:

(i)     recognition of the Beneficent Allah;

(ii)     recognition of the your benefactor;

(iii)     recognition of what is expected of you;

(iv)     recognition of the things that would throw you out of your faith.

2.   Try and divide your time into four portions:

(i)  one portion for prayers and supplications;

(ii) one portion for livelihood;

(iii) one portion for social activities between friends and family;

(iv) one portion for the permissible indulgences while you maintain control over your other portions.

3.   When good deeds seem to be large in number, consider them to be not enough; but when bad deeds seem to be just a few, consider them far too many.  Bad deeds, even if trivial, tend to accumulate fast.

4.   If one who was bom poor acquires wealth and plenty, it would tends to make him arrogant and headstrong.

5.     It is not that people throw abuses at the one who rises high by ill begotten means, but that he would also see his downfall.

6.     The pain and suffering of tyranny is felt worst by the one who has been targeted for it.

7.     The one who invalidates three things with three others, has wasted his gift of intelligence:

(i)  one who has extended his expectations but does not ponder on the ways and means for himself,

(ii) one who loses sagacity by wile talk;

(iii) one who loses his salvation by uncontrolled lust.