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The Eleventh Imam Hasan Askari a.s. (Hz. Hasan ibne Ali a.s.) --- Sayings of Imam a.s.

Selected Quotes:

1.He told his followers:

-Be obedient to Allah, keep adherence to the practice of your Faith, never tell lies, keep the trust of some one who has placed it with you, keep good relations with your neighbors, prolong your sajdah in prayers.

-Life is but a short span and the end comes suddenly.  One who plants the seedling of good, would reap an enormous harvest of reward.  One who plants a seedling of mischief, would reap the fruit of bitterness, shame and regret.

-Being Thankful to Allah brings rewards of His great benevolence.

2.    He told one of his companions:

-Trust in Allah and keep steadfast in your prayers.

-Never refrain from paying the poor dues, lest your prayers go waste.

-Repent for your sins.

-Do not give in to anger.

-Be charitable towards your brethren, in plenty and in deprivation.

Show forbearance to peoples' ignorance.

-Ponder on ordinances of Faith.

-Forever remain within the circle of the Qur'an. -Guide others to the Truth when you have found it. 

Selected Sayings:

 1.  Do not indulge in unnecessary discussion with people lest you lose your respect.  Do not indulge in too much humor with people lest they pick up courage to slight you.

2.  It is among good manners to wish well to someone who passes you by.  When in a communal gathering, do not look for a high place for yourself

3.  It is ill manners to express happiness to someone who is grieved by some event.

4.  That person Is most cautious who pauses at place of suspicion.  That person is most reliable who fulfills his commitments.  That person is most pious who exercises avoidance of all forbidden things.  That person is performing the hardest Jehad who is committed to avoid sin.

5.  The provisions that are a promise from the Lord, are rewards earned by fulfilling the duties of obedience.

6.  One who renders advice to a fellow momin on his fault away from the public eye, has decorated him; but one who does so in the open, has in fact stripped   him.

7.  Every thing has a limit, you would harm yourself if you exceed it.

8.  One who has built relation with the Allah, loves solitude.

9.  Do not choose a method of respect to someone by which his feelings would be hurt.

10. It is no less than a miracle to teach an idiot or to break the habit of an addict.


The Commentary on Holy Qur'an By Imam Hasan Askari

As the grip of the rulers tightened and degree of suppression of the Imams increased, it became harder and harder for the followers to gain access to him to obtain direct guidance.  Since most of the questions asked used to be on the interpretation and expounding the meanings of the Book of Allah, the Imam found it necessary to have this material committed to his pen. This was collected in the form of a book known as the " Tafseer-e Askari.  "

The book that is available today is incomplete, as it does not cover the Qur'an in its entirety.  It is possible that several sections of it were lost or destroyed due to many turmoils the world of Islam had endured with time.  It is possible that the Imam had only a limited time to have such a mammoth task completed before his martyrdom.  It is also possible that he had given lectures and interpretations to some of the learned students and entrusted them to complete the task after him, and in turn they were also eliminated by the tyrants of the time.  However, what is available today, reveals the enormity of the rich language and the depths of the meanings extracted from the verses of the Qur’an.  Besides a book of learning, it is a beautiful piece of literature attributed to the eleventh pillar of the Ahle Bait for the devotees to relish and to benefit from.