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The Sixth Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s. (Hz. Jafar ibn. Mohammad a.s.) --- The Sayings of Imam a.s.

Selected Sayings:

1.   If someone comes to a fellow Muslim seeking his help, and he gives it to him, then Ns Muslim is like someone who is doing jihad in the name of Allah.

 2.   Allah says that people are like His family.  He who treats them well, has earned His nearness.

 3.   1 found wisdom in four things:

(i)  get to know your Creator;

(ii) get to know what the Creator has provided you with;

(iii) get to know what the Creator expects of you and holds you responsible for;

(iv) get to know what things would throw you out of the circle of the believers.

4.   There are four things in the conduct of the prophets of Allah:

(i)  good deeds;

(ii)     giving away in charity;

(iii)     forbearance in times of trouble;

(iv)     deliver the rights of the believers to them. 

5    .  A believer is afraid of two things:

(i) the previous sins, not knowing how Allah would account these;

(ii) the remaining life, not knowing what sins he might commit before his time is up.

He would not end the night without fearing what the mom has in stock for him, and does not end his day without fearing if he was able to accrue deeds that would please Allah.

Nothing will avail him to things done straight except his fear for Allah.

6.    No momin can reach the heights of fulfillment, of his faith unless he has mastered three of the following:

(i)      understanding and vision in faith;

(ii) a middle-of-the-road type of conduct;

(iii)     forbearance during times of trouble.

7.  People cannot get away from three things:

(i)  a jurist who is pious and learned;

(ii) a ruler who is caring, and who could be obeyed;

(iii) a physician who is able to heal and is reliable.

 8.   We are ourselves the roots of all good.  All good deeds sprout from these branches.  They are:

Belief in the Oneness of Allah, fasting, dispelling anger, to forgive and to forget, benevolence towards the poor, giving the right to the neighbors, to recognize and to respect others for their achievements, all count as good deeds.

Our enemies are the root cause of all sins.  All evil deeds and trouble sprout from these branches.  They are:

Lies, miserly behavior, back-biting, meanness, usury, usurpation of the rights of the orphans, exceeding the limits imposed by Allah, committing any sinful act hidden or openly, rape or adultery, all of these count as sinful deeds.

 9.  Three types of men can be recognized under these conditions:

(i)  anger of the kind and tolerant person;

(ii)     battle for a brave and fearless person;

(iii) the time of need for a friend or a brother.

 10.  When this world becomes generous towards someone, it adds the good deed of others into his account; but when it turns against him, then his good deeds are added onto someone else's account.

II.  It is best to sleep less at night, and talk less during the day.

 12.  When troubles mount on top of troubles, then the days of the troubles are numbered.