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The Seventh Imam Musa Kazim a.s. (Hz. Musa ibn. Jafar a.s.) --- Introduction

The Seventh Imam: Musa ibne Ja'far  (AS)

Name:      Musa

Title:     al-Kazim

Epithet:   Abu Ibrahim

Father:    Ja'far ibne Muhammad

Mother:    Hamida Khatoon

Date of Birth:  Safar 7th. 128 AH (October 28, 746 AD)

Place of Birth: Abwa near Madinah

Progeny: from Umma hat Awlad

        Four sons: Ali, Ibrahim, Abbas, Qassim

He had many other children from other wives

Date of Death    Rajah 25,'183 AH (September 1, 799 AD)

He lived to an age of 53 years

Place of Death:    Baghdad

Place of Burial:    Kazimain, near Baghdad