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Ziyarat photographs
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First Imam Hazrat Ali a.s. (Hz. Ali ibn. Abi Talib a.s.) --- Gnosis of Allah According To Imam Ali a.s.

         1.  "I know Allah by Allah, and I know that which is not Allah by the Light of Allah."

          "I have seen the Face of Allah, for if I had not seen it, I could not worship Him!"

          "The height of gnosis is His confirmation."

            "The height of confirmation is Tawhid (Oneness)."

      "The height of Tawhid is the acknowledgement of the supremacy of Allah in all matters."

             "He is beyond all attributes."

            "No particular attribute can give an idea of His exact nature."

            "He is not bound by anything; all things are bound by Him."

        "He is infinite, limitless, boundless, beyond Time, beyond Space, beyond imagination."

            "Time does not affected Him."

            "He existed when there was nothing."

            "He will exist for ever."

            "His existence is not subject to the laws of birth or death."

            "He is manifest in everything, but He is distinct from everything."

            "He is not the cause of anything; everything is because of Him."

            "He is unique."

                  "He has no partner."

                  "He is The Creator."

                  "He creates as He destroys."

                  "All things are subject to His command."

            "He orders a thing to be and it is."
            2.Man is a wave in the boundless sea of Allah.

            "As long as man's vision is clouded by ignorance and sensuality he will consider himself a separate entity, different from Allah.

         "But when the veil between him and Allah is lifted, he will then know what he

           3 . While living in the world do not renounce it, yet have no undue attachment to it.  Detachment from it (zuhd) means attaining Allah.